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Retirement Fund

The most common misconception about retirement is that you build a fund only when you’re near retirement age. By that age, you would have lost a substantial amount of time for your money to grow. What many don’t realize is that the best time to save up for your senior years is when you start your career in your 20s. By the time you stop working in your 60s, you would be able to enjoy the rest of your life without having to worry about finances. Find out how you can design your own retirement benefits package using insurance and mutual funds.

Health Fund

All throughout our lives, health is the most important asset we have. Diet, exercise, rest, and the lifestyle we lead either contribute to our health or destroy it. As we age, our cumulative habits and daily stress take a toll on our bodies. These factors, together with our genetics, determine how long we live and how resilient we will be when we grow old. Get a health check and learn more about how you can create a fund designed to prepare for your medical emergencies and well-being as you age.

Education Fund

Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Beyond equipping our children with the right tools to establish their own careers, it teaches them values such as patience, cooperation, and diligence that make them responsible individuals in our society. Setting aside money for your child’s education  is like creating your very own scholarship which opens doors of opportunities for your child to succeed in life.

Asset Protection Fund

Insurance plays a vital role in managing major risks that can bankrupt you. It ensures that the assets you accumulate in your lifetime –such as your house and car — can be repaired or replaced when they are damaged by accident or natural calamities. Not all assets can be replaced though. The most valuable one that requires protection is you — your best legacy for your loved ones when you pass away is the assurance that the financial support you gave them during your life will continue even when you are gone.

Rewards Fund

Saving up for the comforts in life has never been more enjoyable through long-term planning and delayed gratification.  Get ready to travel to all of our 7,101 Philippine islands and countless destinations abroad.  Make family events such as weddings, reunions and birthdays more memorable. Give your loved ones the gift of savings on a special occasion. Embark on a project to serve your community. Anything is possible when you have a Rewards Fund using any of our equity and balanced mutual funds.

Grow any of your nest eggs with all of these funds

Philam Bond Fund

min investment of
  • Designed for conservative investors +Minimum top-up is P1,000 +Yields higher than savings accounts and time deposits +6-month minimum holding period
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Philam Fund

min investment of
  • Designed for investors with a balanced risk appetite +Minimum top-up is P1,000 +Yields higher than savings accounts and time deposits +6-month minimum holding period
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